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MAHRMinnesota Advocates for Human Rights (est. 1983; now Advocates for Human Rights)
MAHRMalta Association of Human Rights (est. 1998)
MAHRMaximum Aerobic Heart Rate (exercise)
MAHRMaster of Arts in Human Resources (degree)
MAHRMedically Assisted Human Reproduction
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We got a call from Sacramento telling us that they had received so many, they wanted to offer some to us,'' Mahr said.
Mahr serves as a teacher to business owners who have little or no experience in advertising.
What the board has asked us to do is make a sort of estimate of what our loss would be and come up with different scenarios,'' Mahr said.
Mahr said the REV Speedway site also has virtually unlimited advertising and marketing potential.
Mahr, SIOR announces the leasing of 17,278 square feet of office space in Parsippany, NJ to The Apollo Group, an educational institution.
CONTACT: Ellen Jennings, manager, marketing communications, Netrix Corporation, 703-742-6000; or Gunter Heinz Mahr, manager of press relations, Siemens AG, ZI PN, 089-722-33440/
Metrology is a relatively new concept in NASCAR racing which we believe can provide a tremendous technological advantage," said Craig Crossley, President of Mahr Federal.
New accessories for the M1 Star line include a gage stand, a protective indicator guard, and an adapter for use with Mahr Federal indicators.
One of the things that came out is an interest in the local history materials and in having a local history collection,'' said Nancy Mahr, the public information officer for Los Angeles County Library.
Mahr replied, "We won something most precious and invaluable, namely the recognition, respect, and esteem of our customers and our industry.
a leader in the water and wastewater equipment manufacturing industry, announced today that it acquired the worldwide screening and screenings handling operations of Mahr Maschinenbau GmbH, of Vienna, Austria.