MAIBMarine Accident Investigation Branch
MAIBMovimiento Para la Autodeterminación de la Isla de Bioko (Guinea Ecuatorial)
MAIBMotor Accidents Insurance Board (Australia)
MAIBMediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (International Centre for Advanced Studies on Mediterranean Agriculture; Italy)
MAIBMedical Auxiliary Insurance Brokers (Lancaster, UK)
MAIBMaster of Arts International Business (various universities)
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In their findings, the MAIB said Joshua was carried overboard by a net from the trawler during routine shooting operations.
The MAIB has produced a safety flyer to the fishing industry which accompanies its report.
The report went on: "The MAIB investigation was unable to determine conclusively the mechanism by which the skipper was pulled onto the rotating winch drum.
But Captain Gavin Pritchard, a MAIB inspector, had told the inquest that Mr Warner's diving group had not been warned of the dangers of walking on deck in full diving gear.
They are still waiting for the conclusions to year-long probes into the sinking by the MAIB and the Manx authorities.
A survey vessel chartered by the MAIB, the Mansal 18, carrying a remote-operated underwater vehicle will arrive on Tuesday, seven days after the Solway Harvester sank.
No further details of what happened have been released and an MAIB spokesman would only say: "MAIB is investigating the incident.
But MAIB found the boats had operated for more than a decade without the buoyancy foam needed to stay afloat, should they suffer major damage.
As per the report, Turkish Machinery Group (Ankara, Turkey), also known as MAIB, announced about existing expansion of Turkey into the European market makes it balanced for the development in the U.
The MAIB, which had published an interim report into the tragedy earlier, released it's full findings today, listing a number of failings.
An MAIB spokesman said: "This was a tragic and avoidable accident that cost the lives of six crew.
At least five similar fatal accidents have been noted by MAIB inspectors and in just over a decade 34 deadly "man overboard" accidents occurred when crewmen had no lifejacket.