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MAICMine Action Information Center
MAICMycobacterium Avium Intracellulare Complex
MAICMinneapolis American Indian Center (Minneapolis, MN)
MAICMilitary-Academic-Industrial Complex (online aggregator; Firefox add-on)
MAICMid Atlantic Impreza Club
MAICMeasure, Analyse, Improve, Control (Six Sigma breakthrough strategy)
MAICMedical Alliance Insurance Company (Naperville, Illinois)
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Organizations in Mongolia submitting their business proposal and interested investors may contact MAIC through the website http://www.
We start with 12 lags (p = 12) and select the best model according to the MAIC, with the restriction that all models should have at least [[PSI].
284-6, and Colin Ireland, Old Irish Wisdom Attributed to Aldfrith of Northumbria: An Edition of `Briathra Flainn Fhina maic Osiu' (Tempe, Ariz.
In maic neapanalo o antepilhuan anteteuctin ayahue ychoquiz
Henry Candy has found an opening for Prinisha in Leicester's Maic Haines Handicap (7.
The philosophy relies heavily on a four-phase improvement process, called MAIC (Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), which measures a problem, analyzes the process, finds the best way to improve it and then implements controls to maintain the improvement.
MAIC, DGS, Censimento della popolazione del regno al 31 dicembre 1901, II (Rome, 1903), p.
Haugesund came more into the game after going behind, with Maic Sema hitting the bar, before Bamberg levelled from the edge of the box.
The aim is to compare encounters with monsters in three early texts from Ireland: two in Old Irish, first the short tale of Fergus Mac Lete, the Echtra Fergusa maic Leiti, and thirdly and most fully the Irish Epistil Isu, the Latin pseudepigraph known as the `Sunday Letter'; the middle text is the Hiberno-Latin Vita Sancti Columbani of Adomnan.
The MAIC was created in 1996 by the Department of Defense to utilize the unique academic talents and capabilities of a university to perform as an information service and support clearinghouse of landmine-related information.
The rating actions follow the completion of the acquisitions and recent regulatory approvals from the respective Departments of Insurance adding Keystone, AAA MAIC and AAA MAICNJ into the California State Auto's intercompany pooling agreement, retroactive to January 1, 2011.
05 for a savings of $42 million -- Change methodology for establishing the MAIC for medical supplies for a savings of $6 million -- Remove medical supplies from regulations and create a contract list of contract medical supplies for a savings of $4 million -- Reduce incontinence supplies reimbursement for creams and washes for a savings of $2 million -- Reduce incontinence supply reimbursement for all other products for a savings of $12 million