MAIFMaryland Automobile Insurance Fund
MAIFMutuelle d'Assurance des Instituteurs de France (French: Mutual Insurance of Teachers of France)
MAIFMartial Arts International Federation
MAIFMarketing in Australia of Infant Formulas
MAIFMotala Allmänna Idrottsförening (Motala, Sweden sports club)
MAIFMedical Applied Instructional Facility
MAIFMitral-Aortic Interventricular Fibrosa (cardiology)
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The cornerstone of Koolicar service has always been to make the user experience easier; this is what makes it unique in the market," added Thomas Ollivier, who is in charge of Collaborative Economy and New Practices at MAIF.
Nous Group (2013), Review of the effectiveness and validity of operations of the MAIF Agreement, Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra.
Provide packaged solutions to some of the MAIF capabilities.
A modern MAIF encompasses more information, not less.
Properly designed, and built from proven DW/BI products, the MAIF serves as a relatively inexpensive yet robust source of management accounting information that can be used to:
A customized MAIF would allow companies to address the key deficiencies associated with traditional management accounting systems by:
It's especially gratifying to help provide a more efficient system for the people of Maryland, and our ability to work along side their staff with such a high level of acceptance was extremely rewarding," said Jamie Martin, Project Coordinator for MAIF at ImageRight.
We chose LexisNexis because they give us the real time information we need to prevent fraud and set appropriate premiums," said Joseph Asplen Special Investigations Manager of MAIF.
Eurosic is collaborating with savings bank Caisse des Depots, insurer CNP, constituted by DTZ Asset Management, as well as insurer MAIF, represented by BNP Paribas REIM France to introduce the development of the first phase of Villages Nature, that includes the construction of 916 appartments as well as a 11,500 m2 amusement park dubbed Aqualagon.
With this new plan, MAIF policyholders will be able to access to an interest-free installment payment option for the first time in the Fund s 40-year history.