MAIIModi Apollo International Institute (Western International University; New Delhi, India)
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Our work with NLC and the MAII project is an opportunity to build a new consensus on the benefits of immigration, one that brings US cities to the world--and connects them with their global counterparts.
The MAII pilot program for cities will provide technical assistance in two areas: (1) promoting naturalization using the MAII NewCITYzen Naturalization Campaign tool kit, which includes public service announcements and a media guide, and (2) helping city government make connections with community-based organizations to better address the needs of the local immigrant population.
Community organizations and local officials will be able to obtain technical assistance from MAII to create a space for civic participation across all parts of their communities and participate in a knowledge-sharing network facilitated by MAII.
MAII will create a tool kit of campaign materials for cities including public service announcements for radio and television.