MAIIModi Apollo International Institute (Western International University; New Delhi, India)
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As part of NLC's Center for Research and Innovation, MAII promotes civic engagement and naturalization among immigrant communities.
Our work with NLC and the MAII project is an opportunity to build a new consensus on the benefits of immigration, one that brings US cities to the world--and connects them with their global counterparts.
The MAII pilot program for cities will provide technical assistance in two areas: (1) promoting naturalization using the MAII NewCITYzen Naturalization Campaign tool kit, which includes public service announcements and a media guide, and (2) helping city government make connections with community-based organizations to better address the needs of the local immigrant population.
We continue to believe that Ford Credit's actions are improper and we are pursuing further discussions with Ford Credit, as well as exploring legal alternatives," said Chris Tyler, CEO of MAII and CRD.
Community organizations and local officials will be able to obtain technical assistance from MAII to create a space for civic participation across all parts of their communities and participate in a knowledge-sharing network facilitated by MAII.
MAII will create a tool kit of campaign materials for cities including public service announcements for radio and television.
We have not been able to obtain the necessary assignments and consents from certain creditors to complete this transaction, and in addition, during our diligence review we have discovered new liabilities that we are not willing to assume," said Chris Tyler, CEO and Chairman of MAII Holdings and Car Rental Direct.
As a `pure play' public company, shareholders and lenders can best assess the performance and creditworthiness of CRD; and access to capital markets is one of the most significant critical success factors of our business," said Chris Tyler, CEO and Chairman of MAII and CRD.
Discount's operating footprint in Phoenix is very complimentary to ours and provides us additional relationships and competencies that we were seeking for our operations in the Phoenix/Scottsdale markets," said Chris Tyler, CEO and Chairman of MAII Holdings and its subsidiary, CRD.
Car Rental Direct (CRD), the fast growing automobile rental subsidiary of MAII Holdings, Inc.
Since we acquired CRD in late August of 2001, the company has grown faster than we expected and its growth, revenue and profitability picture creates the potential for a very successful public company," said Chris Tyler, Chairman and CEO of MAII Holdings, Inc.