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MAILMaille Artisans International League
MAILMaximum Allowable Industrial Loading (various states)
MAILMinistry of Agriculture, Industry and Labour (St. Vincent)
MAILMontreal Association of Independent Libraries (est. 1997; Canada)
MAILMedicines Act Information Letter (est. 1973; Department of Health and Social Security; UK)
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Well, I guess this will hold Beecher for a while," said Tom, the night of the arrival of Mary's letter, and after he had written one in answer, which was dispatched by a runner to the nearest place whence mail could be forwarded.
So the guard of the Dover mail thought to himself, that Friday night in November, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five, lumbering up Shooter's Hill, as he stood on his own particular perch behind the mail, beating his feet, and keeping an eye and a hand on the arm-chest before him, where a loaded blunderbuss lay at the top of six or eight loaded horse-pistols, deposited on a substratum of cutlass.
I had many a broken sleep inside the Yarmouth mail, and many an incoherent dream of all these things.
On the Saturday in that same week, I took my leave of Herbert - full of bright hope, but sad and sorry to leave me - as he sat on one of the seaport mail coaches.
The fore-part of his thighs, where the folds of his mantle permitted them to be seen, were also covered with linked mail; the knees and feet were defended by splints, or thin plates of steel, ingeniously jointed upon each other; and mail hose, reaching from the ankle to the knee, effectually protected the legs, and completed the rider's defensive armour.
At twenty-two he went West, in the vague hope of possessing a bonanza farm; then he swung back into telegraphy, and in a few years found himself in the Government Mail Service at Washington.
Black mail I suppose; an honest man paying through the nose for some of the capers of his youth.
Geary, Second Despatcher of the Western Route--to the Captains' Room (this wakes an echo of old romance), where the mail captains come on for their turn of duty.
In our case the post-office was about three miles from the plantation, and the mail came once or twice a week.
Many a time tears of pride and joy have stood in my eyes while I read the tender, loving, appealing letters that came to me in almost every mail from my little readers.
The armor of the men was of every style and metal from the ancient banded mail of the Saxon to the richly ornamented plate armor of Milan.
Harrison had brought the mail, and merry letters from Stella and Priscilla and Phil soon dissipated Anne's blues.