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MAIMMajlis Agama Islam Melaka (Malay: Melaka Islamic Council; Malaysia)
MAIMMaritime Anti-Invasion Mine
MAIMModern Advances in Medicine (humor newsletter; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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Ross (1974), both unmentioned in Madonnas that Maim, that the "vast majority of middle- and upper-class children in Florence were being handed over to balie, or wet nurses, within a few days of birth.
The collapse in HSE enforcement and prosecution sends a clear message that the Government is prepared to let employers kill and maim with impunity.
It is an unusual weapon and a particularly wicked weapon, the only purpose of which is to kill or maim and in this case the person who was to own this grenade brought about the terrible maiming of an innocent woman.
In the entertainment world, where many sell their souls to the god of controversy in order to get noticed--not caring which groups of people they trample over and maim in the process--it's nice to know that there are intelligent, sensitive young artists like Justin who prove that you can be cool, talented, a little edgy, and compassionate.
The book's title, Cheaper to Kill Than to Maim, refers to a provision in Texas law that allows a greater recovery by someone who is maimed and lives than one who dies at the hands of a medical provider.
Each day, these hidden weapons kill or maim some 60 people.
Most discussions of Wolfgang Tillmans' work have been quick to distance it from the context of fashion photography, as if it were something that could maim him--or his career.
Under the right (or wrong) conditions," he wrote, "everything we need for life can also maim or kill: water can drown, food can poison, air can choke.
These sites are often dangerous, with high walls and cliffs, flooded pits and open mine mouths creating hazards that can maim or kill.
It would appear that an individual went with the intent to maim or kill and had brought a knife.
The Iraqi war murderers whom the ``politically correct'' call insurgents not only maim, torture and kill our U.