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MAIMMajlis Agama Islam Melaka (Malay: Melaka Islamic Council; Malaysia)
MAIMMaritime Anti-Invasion Mine
MAIMModern Advances in Medicine (humor newsletter; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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In late December, 2010, Grizzly and Pacific submitted 21 MAIM permit applications to the Alberta Government totaling approximately 458,000 acres on the basis of a 50:50 ownership split.
LET US LEAVE ASIDE THE NUANCES OF THE LEGITIMACY OF a Christian warrior or the status of those who die for the wrong reason or the legitimacy of self-destruction as a protest to set down this bedrock Christian principle: One cannot kill or maim innocent people and claim the title of martyr.
Israeli troops soon occupied Palestinian towns and refugee camps, as suicide bombers continued to maim and murder.
Because of those tactics, the United States has not signed the 1997 Ottawa Convention banning mines designed specifically to kill or maim people.
The Bible can be used as a surgical tool, as a cathartic aid, or it can be used to maim and destroy.
They can maim or kill and we are appealing to parents who have access to airguns to be vigilant and make sure their children are properly supervised, particularly over the school holidays.
Veiled Threats proceeds directly from his 1992 book, Madonnas that Maim.
These weapons maim an estimated 150 civilians a week around the world.
SUICIDE bomber Salman Abedi carried an improvised explosive device "designed to kill and maim indiscriminately the largest number of innocent people" when he attacked concertgoers at the Manchester Arena.