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MAINSMajlis Agama Islam Negeri Sembilan (Malaysian government agency)
MAINSModular Automated Integration System
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Between these three main centres of light--the houses, the train, and the burning county towards Chobham-- stretched irregular patches of dark country, broken here and there by intervals of dimly glowing and smoking ground.
Over on Main Street sounded a man's voice, laughing.
He stopped before the door of his own cottage, which was the fourth one from the main building and next to the last.
The river is not always allowed to spread over its whole bed--which is as much as thirty, and sometimes forty yards wide--but is split into three equal bodies of water, by stone dikes which throw the main volume, depth, and current into the central one.
The Terror of the Seas and the Black Avenger of the Spanish Main had more difficulty in getting to sleep.
From that point, all the main events of the story are purposely foreshadowed before they take place -- my present design being to rouse the reader's interest in following the train of circumstances by which these foreseen events are brought about.
It were a main place for pirates once, and a hand we had on board knowed all their names for it.
After a few more words with the female, during which she assured him that I was now fully fit to travel, the jed ordered that we mount and ride after the main column.
A few days previously, some of their scouts, who were ranging the country at a distance from the main body, had discovered the party of Captain Bonneville.
The main feature of his scheme was to establish a line of trading posts along the Missouri and the Columbia, to the mouth of the latter, where was to be founded the chief trading house or mart.
And let the main part of the ground, employed to gardens or corn, be to a common stock; and to be laid in, and stored up, and then delivered out in proportion; besides some spots of ground, that any particular person will manure for his own private.
Thereafter not a man was lost of all the hundreds that remained to pass from the main corridor to the branch.