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It is not yet clear whether Salvini and/or di Maio will actually be in government.
In an interview in daily Corriere della Sera, Di Maio said his party would soon present proposals to be incorporated in the outgoing government's multi-year economic plan, which must be presented by April 10.
We have no intention of exalting nationalistic sentiments," Di Maio said, referring to parties on the far right in Europe.
Mr Di Maio spoke less than an hour after the head of the League made the same claim on the part of the centre-right coalition, which collectively has more votes than the 5-Stars.
Ms Maio de Paiva noted that the deal will allow to further bolster ties between the two countries, while saying that the bilateral relations Mauritius and Portugal are based on friendship, shared interests and values.
Tabela 1 - Artigos e patentes utilizando a palavra-chave: Linhaca-Periodicos e de patentes - maio de 2006 a maio de 2016.
On one side there is the need to provide a sufficient quantity and quality of weapons to the new UN-backed Libyan government in Tripoli in order to guarantee control of the territory and defence from ISIS and other fundamentalist groups," Di Maio explains.
PWC director Clare Maio has been appointed head of diversity at PwC in the Midlands.
Jacques de Maio, the head of the ICRC's delegation in Israel and the occupied territories said he was concerned that Adnans life was at immediate risk.
O modelo mais utilizado para mensurar a quantidade de frio necessaria para superar a dormencia das gemas e a soma diaria das horas com temperaturas iguais ou inferiores a 7,2[degrees] C (horas de frio), durante o periodo de maio a setembro.
Gregoire, three-year term on the Finance Committee; Kathleen Davis Brown and Christine Maio, three-year terms as library trustees; and Paul LaRoche, a five-year term Planning Board term.