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MAIRMaster of Arts in International Relations (various schools)
MAIRMultiple Attenuated Internal Reflection
MAIRMilwaukee Association for Interfaith Relations (Milwaukee, WI)
MAIRMalfunction/Accident/Incident Report
MAIRMotion Adaptive Intra Refresh (MPEG)
MAIRMontgomery Algorithm for Integer Reduction (mathematics)
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They were made for singing an' no for reading; but ye hae broken the charm now, an' they'll never be sung mair.
Your father was very fond of his meat, I mind; he was a hearty, if not a great eater; but as for me, I could never do mair than pyke at food.
Bishopriggs, "looks with mair indulgence at human frailty than my ain sel'.
At this point, President of the Trial Chamber Judge David Re interjected, cutting off Mair as he started a new sentence.
Life-long friends, Mair and Debbie finished the final stretch of their challenge on June 18, covering the distance between Merthyr to Cardiff on what was one of the hottest days of the year so far.
In the days before he killed Jo Cox - hailed as a "champion of UK inclusivity" - Mair was in his local library Googling "matricide" (the murder of one's own mother) and "miscegenation" (breeding between people from different racial backgrounds).
Mair, 53, shouted "Britain first" as he fired three shots at Remain campaigner Mrs Cox and stabbed her 15 times on the afternoon of June 16, days before the EU referendum.
Mair, who was born in Ayrshire, was raised by his grandmother while his divorced mum lived with her black boyfriend and their mixed race baby.
Mair had lived in the unremarkable semi for more than 40 years - he had been on his own for the past 20 years following the death of his grandmother.
Mair, who never legally owned a firearm or had a firearms licence, has not been ruled out as the thief.
Mair is also charged with causing grievous bodily harm to 77-year-old Bernard Carter-Kenny, who tried to help Cox during the attack, and possession of a firearm and a dagger.
uk/news/death-batley-and-spen-mp-jo-cox) said in a statement  early Saturday local time, referring to Mair.