MAISYMarket Analysis and Information System (College Station, TX)
MAISYManagement Accounting and Information Systems (UK)
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Our other animals wouldn't approach a stranger but Maisy is quite happy to be picked up.
Maisy said: "I'm really looking forward to meeting her, I've met her mam the Queen when she came to Tees Barrage.
Maisy from Tranmore, County Waterford in Ireland was born six weeks premature with absolutely no blood after her mother Emma Vignes, 31, absorbed her entire blood supply during pregnancy.
Maisy was born six weeks early at Waterford Regional Hospital in December 2009 and had to spend two weeks in intensive care where she received three blood transfusions.
The pair's brief bedroom fumble is witnessed by arrogant Londoner Anton - who himself has the hots for Maisy - and he spreads the gossip throughout the house.
Maisy lives yards away in St James' Park with owner and park manager Mark Wasil-ewski, who confirmed neutered Larry, has been paying visits to his pet.
When I got out and opened the back door, the baby's head was already out and instinct took over - I called 999 but delivered Maisy before the paramedics arrived.
Win full set of Maisy DVDs 2 This year Maisy and her friends are 20 years old and we are giving one lucky winner a full set of DVDs.
The Kyrgyzstani law enforcement is failing to effectively provide human security to its population, in particular to the Uzbek community," said Maisy Weicherding, Amnesty International's expert on Central Asia.
I shan't be able to rouse them - well not unless I ask the maths questions in Maisy speak.