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MAITManufacturers' Association for Information Technology (India)
MAITMajor Accident Investigation Team
MAITMultidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team (CHP Investigative team assigned to multi-fatality or complex collisions)
MAITMaintenance Assistance & Instruction Team
MAITMartial Arts Instructor/Trainer (US DoD)
MAITMcCabe's Artificially Intelligent Tipper (sports tipping system)
MAITMission Area Integration Team
MAITMajor Area Integration Team
MAITMaharaja Agresen Institute of Technology
MAITManufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Test
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The only way to arrest this is to look at ways to increase PC penetration in Indian households," MAIT president Amar Babu told reporters here.
The impact of the global economic recession is now well behind us and the IT hardware industry in India is once again on a revival path," MAIT President Ravi Agarwal said in the statement.
Although based on rugby league, MAIT generally gives teams playing at home about a 10% extra chance of winning.
For example in India, the Tata Group introduced the JRD Tata Quality Award and Manufacturing Association of IT industries introduced MAIT Award.
The second level--martial arts instructor trainer, MOS 8552-must be a sergeant or above to attend the MAIT course at Quantico.
The Web site's creator, a News Mait fan, writes via e-mail, "While I like Elvis Costello's `My Aim is True' [the source of the `Mait' moniker], I'd have to say that my favorite Costello song is, `It's Been a Good Day for the Roses.
Three of the standard tests described -- MEC, MIE, and MAIT -- provide information regarding the relative sensitivity of the dusts and provide the engineer an indication of the probability of an explosion occurring.
49) Taken together, these and other pieces of information, such as the presence of "Champa and Hainan textiles" in Klabat or Ma Tuan-lin's reference to a trade route from Champa to northern Borneo and Mait in the Philippines, clearly point to traffic passing from the South China Sea to the Sulu zone, the Celebes Sea, and eastern Indonesia.
Joseph Mait, Collaborative Alliance Manager, Micro Autonomous Systems and Technology, Army Research Laboratory, among many others.
Tergeted Improvements: Mass and MAIT time reduction of tubular structures such as S/C central tubes and booms for payloads.
Au programme de la journee de samedi dernier, [beaucoup moins que] Ardjoun Fouk El Mait [beaucoup plus grand que] de l'association [beaucoup moins que] Wafa pour l'art et la culture [beaucoup plus grand que] de Ghardaia.