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MAJAMuslim American Journalists Association
MAJAManufacturers Association of the Jamestown Area (New York)
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To build on that success MAJA will be extended in August with a complete new portfolio of Hispanic cosmetics to bolster its top-selling vanity cream powder compact.
Maja was flown in for her part, which she said took two days to lay-in perfectly.
L-R: Sunshine Cruz, Joseph Marco, Vin Abrenica, Maja Salvador, RK Bagatsing, Tirso Cruz III, Aiko Melendez, and Wendell Ramos.
Injuries continue to beset the bottom-of-the-Championship squad, although it was by choice that 19-year-old Maja was left as the most senior striker for last week's 4-0 defeat at Cardiff City.
Sunderland almost halved the deficit within minutes of the second half getting under way when Maja rose to meet Honeyman's left-wing corner at the near post but his header hit the angle of post and bar and went behind.
Olga, who runs her own business, Outsourced Office, along with business partner Maja Kenney, said all five women taking part have lost someone to cancer.
Corrie Leader, 10, of Holmfirth and eight-year-old Maja Adam, from Huddersfield, were judged the best of 20 entrants in the contest.
Its companion brand, the MAJA line of cosmetics, has long been recognized for its excellence by Hispanic women.
Peter Tamas Polgar Maja Orsolya Toth Maria Kata Weber
Also on the committee was philanthropist Maja Oeri, the Hoffmann--La Roche pharmaceutical fortune heiress who had recently given the museum $15 million to buy a bank building to serve as a new, expanded exhibition space.
As her "Wildflower" days end, Maja Salvador focuses on her upcoming shows and album.