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MAJCMicroprocessor Architecture for Java Computing
MAJCMid America Japanese Club (Arlington Heights, IL)
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Sun is claiming that MAJC will be engine for a new generation of multimedia products, that process anything from audio and video streaming to 'wire speed' voice data.
MAJC chips, Tremblay said, would allow for creation of a "service portal in your home.
MAJC, which Computerwire first revealed as a project within Sun back in June, and which Sun eventually announced in August (CI No 3,684; 3,716), is a new architecture that Sun says will be capable of processing the real-time streams of visual and audio information needed by an emerging set of new multimedia applications.
Interestingly, Transmeta CEO Dave Ditzel worked with Elbrus for several years while he was at Sun Microsystems Inc, which itself is preparing a Java-compliant VLIW chip dubbed MAJC.
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As the Microprocessor Report points out, that might be a reason to be a little skeptical about Sun's claim that the brand new MAJC chip, to be fully disclosed at the Microprocessor Forum in San Jose next month, is "the most important semiconductor architecture of the next 20 years.