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MAJCOMMajor Command (USAF)
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MAJCOM and squadron cultures play a huge role in the composition of the team and their mindset, as well as the types of missions they are supporting.
Historically, the Air Force MAJCOM structure evolved from conflicts in World War II and the Cold War and were based on weapon-system class, mission areas, and region (fig.
Once MAJCOMs have provided their input, the 4054 SCMS/GULA consolidates MAJCOM inputs and provides a single prioritized list for the IMs to execute.
certainly many command chiefs and other senior enlisted leaders serving at base, MAJCOM, or headquarters level.
The Air Force allows the MAJCOM responsible for providing support to decide whether or not to use the AFCAP contract.
During his 21 years of service, he has held various financial management and leadership positions at Wing, Center, MAJCOM and HQ Air Force levels.
Any productivity from a 3-level adds to the productivity of the organization, so it is clear that each MAJCOM benefits from having a solid top-off training program.
To our MAJCOM representatives, you help the Air Force present a united and effective front.
Lord: From the standpoint of an AF MAJCOM, it's mostly finding the resources to make sure there's enough manpower, money and training to do what we need to do because MAJCOMs don't fight battles--other than budget battles.
The Directorate of Logistics Readiness (AF/ILG) integrates Air Force Agile Combat Support (ACS) concepts, doctrine, exercises, and sustainment policies with OSD, Defense Agencies, JCS, CINC, and MAJCOM staffs.
9) It is incumbent upon the base-level legal office to report all EAs to their MAJCOM, their Regional Counsel Office, and the Air Force Legal Services Agency's Environmental Law and Litigation Division (JACE).