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MAJIMajority Agency for Joint Intelligence :-)
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An influential member in the ruling Trinamool realm, Maji had referred the dog that belonged to one of his relatives for hemo- dialysis to the nephrology ward of the SSKM Hospital on June 10.
I believe that just as the Maji travelled and brought their gifts, we can bring the gifts of our lives, our journeys and experiences to Him too and know His presence daily.
Use of biochars in Shimajiri maji soil decreases nitrate-N in percolating water by denitrification of the nitrate-N and adsorption of ammonium-N by charcoal (Chen and Shinogi 2005).
A native of Oregon, Kurtz and his family served as Presbyterian missionaries in southwestern Ethiopia, volunteering for a remote mission station near Maji.
A Fatah spokesman in the occupied West Bank told Reuters that Kamal Medhat - also known as Kamal Maji - had been "assassinated".
La expulsion de los moriscos, pintado en 1627 y perdido en un incendio en 1734, es el cuadro que rescata un nino descendiente de moriscos, Maji, que luego pasa por las manos y ojos de una pareja digna de un entremes cervantino, y que, por alguna inexplicable e inexplicada aventura, acaba en poder de un buen senor frances, a primera vista mas interesado en juegos de manos que en juegos de ojos.
Judges from six countries will rate nearly 200 coffees from five cooperative unions representing Ethiopia's top growing regions: Yergacheffe, Sidama, Kafa, Tepi and Bench Maji.
lGuy Harwood gets off the mark for the year when Derby hope Young Freeman (Ray Cochrane) is too good for Maji in the ten-furlong maiden at Brighton.
Maji, as it is known, is not a fully fledged Anglican church with a vicar like B1.
Among 24 paintings lost were Adoration of The Maji by Joos de Beer and Breaking Cover by Turner.
This paper will look at labour migration to European plantations during the period of German rule in Tanzania, focusing on the period after the Maji Maji war until the Germans lost the colony during the First World War.
In an extension of the partnership between Majitek and Sun in Australia, Sun has provided products to test, deploy and demonstrate next generation applications running on Majitek's powerful distributed systems platform, Maji.