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MAJORSManaging Access for Juvenile Offender Resources and Services (rehabilitative/mental health care; North Carolina)
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But one of the Bachelor Majors said very politely:--"I presume that your marriage certificate would be more to the purpose?
The major went up to the young woman, who had uttered a cry on recognizing him.
Very good," said the major, "I do not demand more, you understand" --
The friend of Marmaduke was his only child; and to this son, on his marriage with a lady to whom the father was particularly partial, the Major gave a complete conveyance of his whole estate, consisting of money in the funds, a town and country residence, sundry valuable farms in the old parts of the colony, and large tracts of wild land in the new—in this manner throwing himself upon the filial piety of his child for his own future maintenance.
Major Putnam was a bald-headed, bull-necked man, short and very broad, with one of those rather apoplectic faces that are produced by a prolonged attempt to combine the oriental climate with the occidental luxuries.
Natasha glanced with frightened eyes at the face of the wounded officer and at once went to meet the major.
She leaned towards her neighbour on the other side and Major Thomson was able to resume the role of attentive observer, a role which seemed somehow his by destiny.
The major commanded a halt by merely halting, and, evidently himself a bit "skeered," rode on alone to reconnoiter.
My uncle, as I understood him, had several motives for writing to the major.
I have just found, on consulting the back files of the Times, that Major Sholto, of Upper Norword, late of the 34th Bombay Infantry, died upon the
It was composed of four members of great technical knowledge, Barbicane (with a casting vote in case of equality), General Morgan, Major Elphinstone, and J.
You've often heard of her," echoed her husband, the Major.