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MAKMackinaw City (Amtrak station code; Mackinaw, MI)
MAKMultiple Activation Key (Microsoft)
MAKMusica Antiqua Koln (band)
MAKMouvement pour l'Autonomie de la Kabylie (French: Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia; Algeria)
MAKMethyl Amyl Ketone (chemical)
MAKMaster Acknowledge
MAKMultiple Activation Key
MAKMbs Authorization Key
MAKMake File
MAKMoms of Autistic Kids
MAKMake File (Filename Extension)
MAKMacedonian Airlines (ICAO code)
MAKMaximale Arbeitsplatz Konzentration (German)
MAKMaksutov Telescope
MAKMaktab Al-Khidamar (aka Afgan Bureau)
MAKMaktab Al-Khidimat (anti-Soviet Afghan group, 1980s)
MAKMarine Armor Kit
MAKMeal Assembly Kitchen
MAKMemory Acknowledge
MAKMaximal Admissible Concentration
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Before sharing this news on his Facebook page, MAK bought a quantity of 2,554,500 from the account of his mother Ms Razia Farhat Khan.
Headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, MAK Wireless has been an emerging company in the wholesale of cell phones and accessories for over four years.
According to the documents, the official duty of MAK was to fight against groups and individuals cooperating with the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).
The team also found that the MAK mutation, which involves an insertion of a large piece of DNA into the MAK gene, disrupts the gene in such a way that retinal cells lose the ability to make the longer version of MAK protein.
When he protested, MAK filed the deed, and shortly before Christmas started to evict him from what was once his house.
Appropriately, the photographs at MAK run the gamut from architectural to landscape to still life, whose various conventions Zaki largely embraces but only to uncannily twist.
In this B2B landmark event of IndiaSoft, MAK Webtech has plans to showcase their latest internet marketing services Reputation and Brand Management, E-commerce Website Development, Social Media Optimization, etc.
The rating also factors in the temporary cash flow problems faced by MAK, resulting in rescheduling of its term debt in fiscal 2009.
This reference for practitioners and researchers in the field of occupational safety presents documentations for the established MAK values (maximum workplace concentrations) for 17 of the most important occupational toxicants.
There are 7 developer FTEs (MAK) searched for a core team, the number of required MAK can rise within the contract period with an optional reinforcement team up to 12 MAK.
MAK -- Austrian Museum of Applied Arts -- Contemporary Art