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MAKOMovement Against Kindred Offenders
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Following the rise in popularity in cementless procedures, the company's Mako Total Knee with Triathlon Tritanium expands the current robotics offering solution for orthopaedic surgeons seeking a predictable surgical experience combined with increased operating room efficiency, biologic fixation and an alternative to bone cement.
Shivji said that near real-time tracking of mako sharks using satellite tags and directly seeing how many were captured allowed researchers to bypass the dependency on self-reporting by fishermen.
edu/fish/isaf/contributing-factors/species-implicated-attacks) The International Shark Attack File has recorded 10 shortfin mako attacks on humans, all of them unprovoked, between 1580 and 2017, one of which was fatal, along with 20 boat attacks.
De hecho, el padre de Mako se caso con la hija de un profesor.
While Mako seemingly resolves a legal uncertainty in the Spectrum Act, the decision's practical effect is unlikely to be fully appreciated until the incentive auction unfolds.
sa wst lo fe a But they were small fry compared to Mako, named after one of the fastest sharks in the ocean.
Because our ticket allowed us a return visit to SeaWorld, we couldn't resist popping back there on the last day for one last ride on Mako.
Shortfin mako are among the few open-water sharks regarded as good table fare, though high in methylmercury by some counts.
Military, law enforcement and civilians alike need their optics to perform at peak efficiency in all weather and temperature conditions," said Mako Chief Executive Officer Addy Sandler.
ENGLAND pair Billy and Mako Vunipola have signed new deals with Saracens through to 2019.
Summary: Three-metre mako shark lands in fishing vessel 35 nautical miles offshore, claims sailor
M2 PHARMA-August 7, 2015-Stryker awarded US FDA's approval for marketing the Mako total knee application