MAKSSMulticultural Awareness Knowledge Skills Survey
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The MAKSS is a self-report survey that consists of 60 items on a 4-point Likert-type scale.
Reliability documented in the literature for the MAKSS ranges from .
The MAKSS was designed to measure cultural awareness, knowledge, and skill (D'Andrea, Daniels, & Heck, 1991).
The MAKSS is survey that consists of sixty items on a 4-point Likert-type scale.
1992) 15-week course Racial identify Multicultural attitudes; Awareness Knowledge multicultural and Skills Survey awareness, (MAKSS; D'Andrea et knowledge, skills al, 1991); WRIAS; GI 16-week course Multicultural MAKSS awareness, knowledge, skills 15-week course Racial White Racial consciousness; Consciousness interracial comfort Development Scale (Claney & Parker, 1989); Interracial Comfort Index (Claney & Parker, 1989) 15-week course Empathy; Triad Training Model multicultural (Pedersen, 2000); awareness, MCI; Interpersonal knowledge, skills; Reactivity Index tolerance of (Davis, 1980); ambiguity Intolerance of Ambiguity Scale (Budner,1962) 15-week course Impact of training Multicultural and meaningful Competency Checklist components (Ponterotto et al.
This report found the MAKSS to have a rather unclear interpretative approach, the MCI to have a fairly straightforward interpretative approach, and the MCAS: B to have a complicated interpretive approach.
The MAKSS was mailed to participants prior to the training.
We collected data to examine the effect of multicultural training on master's-level counseling students (see Talbot, Paul, & Kocarek, 2000) as well as to gather additional psychometric information for the MCAS, the MAKSS, and the GSEDS.
One example is that although the MAKSS and the MCI are both rooted in the D.
The MAKSS was originally developed to evaluate graduate-level counselor education programs.
An extension of this work is to determine how other cultural interactions affect supervisory relationships, multicultural competence (as assessed by the MAKSS, CCCI-R, MCAS-B, or MCI), and supervision outcomes.
The MAKSS contains sixty 4-point Likert-type scale items, equally divided among three subscales (Awareness, Knowledge, and Skills).
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