MALDMiniature Air Launched Decoy
MALDMaster of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (Fletcher School)
MALDMatrix Assisted Laser Desorption (biochemistry)
MALDMulti-Array Laser Diode (thermal imaging)
MALDMaster of the Academy of Laser Dentistry
MALDMaster of Arts in Landscape Design
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A MALD vehicle was carried below a Sabreliner, with the payload controlled from within the aircraft cabin.
The MALD family is versatile, flexible and modular, and can carry almost any payload the warfighter can imagine, including indigenously produced jammers and electronic packages.
Aaron George, was executing a barrel roll to keep the aircraft within optimum photography range of the MALD when his plane crashed in a remote area about 30 miles east of the China Lake Naval Warfare Center near Ridgecrest.
MALD protects aircraft and their crews by duplicating the combat flight profiles and signatures of U.
The F-15E does not currently have the RWR to make this vision a reality In fact, no US combat aircraft has the sensor array described above; the MALD is not fielded; and the small, unattended sensors described do not exist.
As a major supplier of micro-electronic components used in the MALD program, (see Raytheon Press Release: http://raytheon.
Each MALD will be 92 inches long, six inches in diameter and will weigh 98 pounds - about the size of the air-to-air missiles carried under the wings of fighter jets.
MALD is a low-cost, air-launched programmable missile that accurately duplicates the combat flight profiles and signatures of U.
In addition to protecting valuable aircraft, MALD offers counter air operations to neutralize, if not destroy, air defense systems that pose a threat to U.
This sets the stage for the MALD to enter low rate initial production later this year.
MALD, MA, is the Chairman and CEO of International Business Catalysts, LLC, an international business development and finance group founded in 1988 with offices in Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Washington DC, Beijing, Shanghai, and London.
The MALD program has enjoyed a perfect 33-for-33 flight test record over the past two years," said Mike Jarrett, vice president of Air Warfare Systems for Raytheon Missile Systems.