MALDEFMexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (est. 1968)
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based organization has educated its constituency by letting them know about candidates' policy positions, issues MALDEF is involved in through litigation and encouraging voter turnout.
I am encouraged by the encuentros taking place between some national Latino organizations and national LGBT organizations, with groups such as MALDEF and National Council of La Raza (NCLR) supporting the overturning of Proposition 8 and calling for passage of LGBT-inclusive comprehensive immigration reform legislation.
Where litigation and advocacy were her tools at MALDEF, she now says she has the resources to do the same thing.
Though Tijerina may be able to take credit for the initial impetus behind MALDEF the Ford Foundation quickly demonstrated that it was the real power behind the MALDEF throne.
The map was challenged by groups, including MALDEF, who claimed the multi-ethnic makeup of some wards denied blacks and Latinos the opportunity to elect the candidates of their choice.
The Chicano blockbuster is underwritten by a class of corporations decades away from the beer companies that have hovered around our civic organizations (LULAC, MALDEF, National Council of La Raza, G.
Hace unas semanas MALDEF,(4) una de las organizaciones hispanas mas influyentes, presento una demanda en contra del gobierno de Cicero, un suburbio de Chicago, por haber impuesto requisitos de residencia para participar en las elecciones locales que, en la practica, limitan a los ciudadanos de origen mexicano.
According to MALDEF attorney Albert Kauffman, between 8,000 and 9,000 Texas high school seniors don't graduate each year because they can't pass the exam, and 87 percent of those are minorities.
MALDEF and the [Latino state] assemblymen who oppose the initiative are out of touch with the people in the barrio and they are going to have to accept the results of this election.
With no membership base, MALDEF is an extreme case.
The result, says Skerry, is confusion--and opportunities for advocacy groups like MALDEF (the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund) "whose fortunes depend on sustaining the politics of minority grievances.