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MALDIMatrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization
MALDIMinority Adoption Leadership Development Institute (National Resource Center for Adoption)
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We seek a complete turn-key, stand-alone MALDI capable of a fully-integrated proteomics workflow including sample separation and data acquisition for both qualitative and quantitative proteomics applications.
Comparison of the MALDI Biotyper system using Sepsityper specimen processing to routine microbiological methods for identification of bacteria from positive blood culture bottles.
In MALDI and DESI, "non-destructive" techniques are utilized with soft ionization sources to desorb and ionize sample surface molecules for MS analysis.
Thus, MALDI TOF MS has largely reduced the need of many alternative identification assays.
Innovative technology incorporated into the MALDI-7090, such as ASDF- Axial Spatial Distribution Focusing, delivers market-leading high-resolution MALDI MS/MS for accurate compound characterization.
Ryan Wenzel, CSO and Director of North American Operations at CovalX, commented: "This collaboration demonstrates CovalX[acute accent]s commitment to increasing access to our high mass detection technology for all MALDI platforms, and to work with the manufacturers to find a solution for all customers.
Among specific topics are the electrochemistry of the electrospray ion source, a comparison of MALDI matrices, Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance and magnetic sector analyzers for ESI and MALDI, ion activation methods for tandem mass spectrometry, and carbohydrate analysis.
Samples are prepared using a microtome and are then coated with matrix for direct analysis via a MALDI interface, which allows the retention of spatial information.
8-10) In MALDI the material to be analyzed (the analyte) is mixed with an analysis aid (the matrix) which is easily volatilized by the appropriate laser light.
This was shown through specific examples to require lower laser power for desorption/ionization, which leads to milder MALDI conditions (e.
In many laboratories, the MALDI Biotyper has replaced classical biochemical testing for bacterial identification in the past five years due to the accuracy, speed, extensive species coverage, ease of use and cost effectiveness of the system.
Supply, installation and commissioning of a MALDI tandem mass analyzer for characterization of biomolecules (MALDI-TOF / TOF) under a grant approval decision of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.