MALDI-MSMatrix assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation Mass Spectrometry
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160[+ or -]4] ([section]) from mass spectrometry Figure 1: (left) MALDI-MS of the thermochemically treated product and isolated nanoparticles at 76,115 and 200 kDa.
Although most of these affinity methods have used MALDI-MS for sample analysis, LC-ESI-MS should, in principle, be equally applicable.
Sensitive mass spectrometers, including MALDI-MS systems, are generally too large to carry into the field, however.
Her group is also pioneering the development of MALDI-MS as a tool for structural elucidation of air-sensitive organometallics.
The oligonucleotides were checked by MALDI-MS with 3-hydroxypicolinic acid (HPA) as matrix.
Also listed in Table 2 are the relative molecular masses observed from MALDI-MS analysis of SRM 2921.
MALDI-MS instrumentation has matured over recent years, and fast and reliable analysis is possible.
A unique product for a specific requirement, the mAb-Glyco-Chip improves the productivity of biopharmaceutical analysis at least 20 times when compared to the current CE-FLD method, and at least five times when compared to the current MALDI-MS method.
Ultra-high mass resolution high-sensitivity small molecule MALDI-MS imaging, without a loss in sensitivity due to MS/MS for selectivity
After centrifugation for 10 min at 2500g (4 [degrees]C), the supernatant was discarded and the desalted concentrate was used for MALDI-MS analysis.
LCI's on-chip sample preparation product portfolio for MALDI-MS fits perfectly with QIAGEN's leadership in sample preparation for proteomics and generates exciting synergies with QIAGEN's current, leading technologies and products in protein sample preparation, including our Qproteome and QIAexpress product lines.
Excess CNBr was removed by lyophilization and the peptide residues in each tube were dissolved in 1 mL/L TFA (20 [micro]L) followed by MALDI-MS analysis.