MALDITOFMatrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-Of-Flight (mass spectroscopy)
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Cleaved peptides were extracted from the reaction solution by nanopore fractionation and detected by MALDITOF mass spectrometry (MS) according to protocols described in our previous publication (9).
IT-TOF has been developed commercially as both a tandem MALDITOF instrument and, more recently, as a system designed specifically for tandem LC/MS.
accessioning of samples, loading of samples into automated plating systems, reading and interpretation of screening media, pulling, subculturing and preparing gram stains of positive blood cultures, setting up samples for nucleic acid extraction, antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST), identification (including MALDITOF MS), and interpretation of certain culture types (e.
Bruker Daltonics introduced the microflex LT linear MALDITOF MS, noting its affordability and design for routine analyses.
Taking into account this high degree of capacity utilization, we implemented a batch-mode procedure for MALDITOF MS analysis outside regular working hours.
PerkinElmer entered the MALDITOF market, while Waters released a new triple quadrupole system.
The oligosaccharide profile of urine from patients with Pompe disease (n = 11) by the MALDITOF method was characterized by increases in multiple ions such as m/z 885.
Tentative characterization of new environmental giant viruses by MALDITOF mass-spectrometry.
In summary, our data show that use of MALDITOF mass spectrometry for FREE2 methylation analysis of FMR1 intron 1 sequences is superior to methylation-sensitive Southern blotting and FMRP immunostaining in blood as a predictor of cognitive impairment in female carriers of expanded FMR1 alleles.
As was mentioned before, many attendees came to the meeting to hear about proteomics, proteins and peptide analysis, as well as DNA analysis, and the applicable techniques, typically LC/MS or MALDITOF.
37) isolates that do not give a 99% or better typing result should be typed by 16S rRNA sequencing or MALDITOF.
In January, Shimadzu Biotech launched the AXIMA-QIT MALDITOF, a quadrupole ion trap MALDI-TOF instrument.