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MALIModern American Language Institute (Sana'a, Yemen)
MALIMiniature Air Launched Interceptor
MALIMedia Arts Leadership Institute (National Alliance for Media Art & Culture)
MALIMaterial Annex Line Item
MALIMultiple Acute Lacunar Infarctions (neurology)
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Go see Mali if you can, it will bring tears to your eyes.
Abdoulaye Diop said that people of China and Mali always enjoy traditional friendship through thick and thin.
Earlier in June, UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon urged the UNSC to add 2,500 soldiers to the UN peacekeeping units in Mali after a series of deadly attacks.
According to the ministry, Swiss officials had advised the nun to avoid returning to Mali after the 2012 abduction, (http://edition.
The March 2012 military coup, compounded with the military invasion of northern Mali by extremist groups, led to a major political, economic, and humanitarian crisis.
The Contact Group asked the OIC Member States and the concerned OIC subsidiary organs to provide assistance to implement Mali and the Sahel Action Plan proposed by the OIC's Special Envoy for Mali and the Sahel; the Contact Group also asked that they continue providing humanitarian assistance.
Travelers departing Mali will remain subject to outbound screening measures, and the United States will continue to support Mali's Ebola prevention and detection measures, including at its primary international airport.
In a statement, CAD-Mali denounced the conditionalities attached to debts received from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and demanded that all the technical and financial partners turn their loans into donations in a bid to enable Mali to effectively boost its economy.
However, perhaps no difference is more striking between Ghana and Mali than that of their recent political situations.
Mali gained independence from France in 1960, and became a one-party socialist style dictatorship under President Modibo Keita until 1968, when a military coup led by Moussa Traore removed Keita from power.
The third day of Moroccan king's official visit to Mali saw the signing of a raft of bilateral agreements, heralding stronger ties between the two African nations.
From the outset, the government of French President Francois Hollande has sought to portray its military engagement in Mali as a short-term endeavor.