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MALMSMobile Airfield Light Monitoring System (trademark of Tailor Made Systems Ltd.)
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MALMS systems are widely used within the GCC and the seminar held at the Radisson Blu brought together the expertise and was focused on knowledge sharing and to ensure if the products development is in accordance to the user needs.
Wayne Rolfe, TMS' Sales and Marketing Manager explained that examples of the MALMS trailer which can be towed behind any vehicle, are already in service at 61 airports.
Highlighting the fact that good maintenance is just as important to performance as good equipment, TMS has produced the MALMS Cleaner which, as the name suggests, does away with the need for manual or potentially-damaging high-pressure water cleaning at ground level.
Malms will continue as chairman of Sports Holding AG, the majority shareholder of the ISL Group of Companies.
Operation of the MALMS AGL Cleaner has shown that the system can dean a minimum of four lights per minute, therefore in less than one hour a full 3,000m CAT III centreline would be cleaned utilising one vehicle and one operator.
West Midland STEP finalist David Hewett (left) with Vernon Taylor, managing director of Tailor Made Systems, with the MALMS system
The MALMS Mobile database is designed to enable the maintenance manager to maintain the AGL system to ICAO serviceability requirements in the most efficient and effective manner.
As Vernon Taylor, Managing Director of TMS Photometrics, notes: "Those airports that are already employing MALMS as part of a preventative maintenance strategy have seen the effectiveness of their maintenance improve to a point where their core AGL services are now constantly maintained to a verifiable performance that can exceed the levels set by the regulatory authorities.
Please visit Stand B84 on the British pavilion to see MALMS Mobile and MALMS Workshop tester.
In addition, to further enhance maintenance efficiency, TMS Photometrics have also developed the MALMS Photometric Bench and MALMS Workshop.
To this end, its first step was to purchase MALMS, a mobile system that has been specifically developed to enable the rapid, accurate and regular measurement of the photometric performance of both inset and elevated AGL runway services, against the criteria for beam intensity and orientation defined in ICAO Annex 14.