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MALSMaster of Arts in Liberal Studies
MALSMarine Aviation Logistics Squadron
MALSMedium-Intensity Approach Light System
MALSMarine Air Logistics Squadron
MALSMaster of Arts in Library Science
MALSMulti-Angle Laser Light Scattering
MALSMobile Analytical Laboratory System
MALSMemphis Area Legal Services, Inc.
MALSMiniature Air Launched System
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MALS 24 is a unique operation in which the commanding officer is a Marine Corps lieutenant colonel, with a Navy commander serving as the executive officer.
While assigned to MALS 24, I served primarily as the Assistant Aviation Supply Officer, managing up to eight division officers and supporting the Aviation Supply Officer (ASO), typically a Marine Corps major.
In response, MHI aims not only to further strengthen its marketing activities for new MALS-installed ships such as module carriers, bulk carriers and cruise ships; it also intends to promote business in retrofitting MALS to existing vessels.
Normally, forward deployed MALS support is executed by a detachment rotating aboard an Amphibious Readiness Group in support of a Marine Expeditionary Unit's Aviation Combat Element (ACE) and the MALS functions to provide supply support from its home site.
Internal to the MALS, individual work centers were producing incredible success stories.