MALSPMarine Aviation Logistics Support Plan (US DoD)
MALSPMarine Aviation Logistics Support Package
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Globally managing MALSP elements in buffers/time domain (e.
In addition, some lay-down scenarios involve sea bases consisting of Maritime Prepositioning Force squadrons and roll-on/roll-off cargo container ships and their future replacements; however, specific roles of these sea nodes in a MALSP II design wait to be defined.
MALSP II is enabled by an enterprise technology architecture that automates routine decision making, analysis, and business processes in the logistics chain.
Fleet-wide acceptance of MALSP II concepts will require sweeping changes in organizational culture and behavior.
AIRSpeed and MALSP II are not "change for the sake of change;" their concepts are based on hard science and future operational plans and concepts of operation.
The current MALSP design is a "push" system that relies on subjective forecasts and anecdotal evidence to support its forces.
MALSP II employs an evolutionary strategy to bridge capability gaps that exist between the as-is and to-be designs.