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He wrote a pamphlet on Malt on returning to England (for he was an ambitious man, and always liked to be before the public), and took a strong part in the Negro Emancipation question.
As in my present condition there were not really many things which I wanted, so indeed I thought that the frights I had been in about these savage wretches, and the concern I had been in for my own preservation, had taken off the edge of my invention, for my own conveniences; and I had dropped a good design, which I had once bent my thoughts upon, and that was to try if I could not make some of my barley into malt, and then try to brew myself some beer.
But, better far than fair home-brewed, or Yorkshire cake, or ham, or beef, or anything to eat or drink that earth or air or water can supply, there sat, presiding over all, the locksmith's rosy daughter, before whose dark eyes even beef grew insignificant, and malt became as nothing.
No little Gradgrind had ever associated a cow in a field with that famous cow with the crumpled horn who tossed the dog who worried the cat who killed the rat who ate the malt, or with that yet more famous cow who swallowed Tom Thumb: it had never heard of those celebrities, and had only been introduced to a cow as a graminivorous ruminating quadruped with several stomachs.
But he soon perceived that though he might be a little the worse (or better) for ale, the staple of his excitement was not brewed from malt, or distilled from any grain or berry.
Pell refreshed himself with three chops, and liquids both malt and spirituous, at the expense of the estate; and then they all went away to Doctors' Commons.
Ay, ay, Bessy, never brew wi' bad malt upo' Michael-masday, else you'll have a poor tap," said Mr.
This was soon done, and he handed it over to Mr Codlin with that creamy froth upon the surface which is one of the happy circumstances attendant on mulled malt.
O'Connell noted that many Briess 6-row malts have also been offered as 2-row for years, and that many brewers were already using 6-row and 2-row versions of the same malt interchangeably.
The distinguished drams of ABERFELDY, AULTMORE, CRAIGELLACHIE, THE DEVERON and ROYAL BRACKLA are launched under the title of the "Last Great Malts," each with a compelling story and character.
Bourbon barrels, Spanish Sherry casks and Japanese Mizunara wood, all add up to a variety of whiskies that are used in single malts and in blends of malts (All-Malt or Pure Malt).
The scientists performed some saccharification tests in the laboratory to verify the sugar content of the wort obtained from the rice malts to determine whether they could be successfully fermented.