MALVMuslim Association of Lehigh Valley (Whitehall, PA)
MALVMiniature Air-Launched Vehicle
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Work on Malv and Nav projects was discussed in Armada's Special Operations Equipment supplement to issue 6/2008.
As it eventuated, the first Malv series combines UF-Mav (University of Florida-Micro Air Vehicle) flexible-wing technology and 'Whegs' (three-spoke wheellegs) terrestrial locomotion technology by the Biologically-Inspired Robotics Laboratory of the Case Western Reserve University (CWRU).
Aug 19: Chelski 5, Relentless 0; Tollesby 3, Ormesby 0; Acklam 1, ASC 4; Dads Army 2, Malv Pk 2; Assassins 5, B'garth 0; Coulby 0, Meths 3.
Stuttgard 2 Acklam 5, Bishopsgarth 3 Ians 0, Marton 0 Sutton 2, Malv Pk 5 Dynamo Meths 1, Rimick 0 Danny John 0, Young Uns 1 Assassins 8, Tollesby 1 Dads Army 3.
NASDAQ: MALV and Boston Exchange: MLV) today announced that it had successfully completed the acquisition of 100 percent of Malvy Technology S.
From March 2011, the national flag carrier, Malv Hungarian Airlines, will add Barcelona to its services to Spain.
Following the renationalisation of the national flag carrier, Malv Hungarian Airlines, in February 2010, it was reported in September that the airline had received a HUF5.
S7 and Globus now offer oneworldOs full range of services and benefits, joining an alliance that includes American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LAN Airlines, Malv Hungarian Airlines, Mexicana, Qantas and Royal Jordanian and almost 20 affiliated airlines.
The national flag carrier, Malv Hungarian Airlines, reported a considerable loss of HUF24.
With the introduction of GPRS services, we needed a proven and cost-effective solution to monitor the quality of those services," said Margus Malv, network manager at EMT.