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MAMA9- (N-Methyl-Aminomethyl) Anthracene
MAMAMetadata Analysis and Mining Application
MAMAMothers Against Methamphetamine
MAMAMothers Against Misuse and Abuse
MAMAMadison Area Music Awards
MAMAMulti-Anode Microchannel Array
MAMAMovimento Articulado de Mulheres da Amazonia (Portuguese: Articulated Movement of Women from the Amazon)
MAMAMuseum of Ancient and Modern Art (Penn Valley, CA)
MAMAModesto Area Music Association
MAMAMothers Against Murder and Aggression
MAMAMountain Acoustic Music Association
MAMAMothers Against MSBP Allegations
MAMAmemory allocator for multithreaded architectures
MAMAMobile Automatic Message Accounting
MAMAMicro Adhesion Measurement Apparatus (contact mechanics)
MAMAMobile Area Modelers Association (Alabama)
MAMAMountain Area Medical Airlift (Asheville, NC)
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Scout looked at Mama, but Mama seemed busy eating grass.
Best known as the vocal coach for music icons Usher, Justin Bieber, Rob Thomas, The Band Perry and for her memorable appearance in the movie "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never," Mama Jan (as she was dubbed by Usher) has worked with hundreds of entertainers over the past 26 years.
The climax of the story, when Mama snatches the quilts out of Dee's arms and plops them in Maggie's lap, is most often read as saving the quilts from drifting away and circulating out there in an economy too far from home; in Maggie's arms, the quilts will be kept at home.
TodaysMama is an ever-evolving, collaborative experience, and we invite mamas everywhere - to discover all that TodaysMama has to offer them, and all they have to offer other mamas.
Mama in Many Ways" presents global art and stories about the many paths a woman may take to become a mama.
Happy Birthday to Mama, Happy Birthday to Mama," she sang.
The Scissors Lady smiles and gives me a kiss on my cheek and she leaves nasty spit on my face and I wipe it off with my hand and wipe my hand on my pants and she laughs and Mama smiles.
This partnership with MAMA complements Einstein's effort to provide advanced music functionality on mobile phones, and coincides with the launch of its "Jam Packed" campaign that demonstrates a mobile music lifestyle.
In order to qualify for the national competition, the Mamas had performed in San Diego at Starpower's Regional Competitions in April, placing fourth and fifth in the top five of the judges' scale, as well as winning a gold, an elite gold and a platinum.
She felt at home anywhere as long as she was with Mama and Papa--until the day that Papa brought home the hat.