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MAMBAMiles and Miles of Bugger All
MAMBAMultiple Aperture Multiple Beam Antenna
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He added that one gram of Black Mamba in prison can fetch more than PS100 - more than ten times its retail price of less than PS8.
Soulja Boy and Kelly Herndon are among the celebrity international players confirmed for Team Black Mamba.
And Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to crack down on legal highs amid fears over black mamba.
The polyvalent antivenom is effective in the management of mamba bites.
The new line comes in three different designs: the Sea Mamba, the Shading Mamba and The Bloom Mamba.
With an advertised IBO speed of 344 fps, the Mamba M7 is poised to strike from long distances.
1 The South Atlantic; 2 Sailors; 3 North Carolina; 4 An ogee; 5 Moussaka; 6 The Malvems; 7 A mamba is a poisonous snake, and mambo is a dance; 8 Roads; 9 Rugby League; 10 Taboo.
The 9-year-old was joined by others learning generations of dancing styles, from the mamba to the macarena, during an hourlong assembly Thursday at Sulphur Springs School.
For those of you who are rusty on snakes, here are some facts: The black mamba is one of the world's deadliest snakes.
He left the distinctive bright orange Gary Fisher Mamba bike in the foyer of the Ironopolis Social Club, Bright Street, Middlesbrough, on Sunday, August 15.
Auffrey was staying at the Mamba Point Hotel in the diplomatic enclave of Monrovia when assailants entered his hotel room, robbed him of valuables, and killed him.
Mamba of Swaziland may have unintentionally let the cat out of the bag on that occasion, declaring that the treaty represented a major effort to achieve a 'just and equitable international economic order.