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MAMBOMaryland Association of Mountain Bike Operators (Linthicum, MD)
MAMBOModern Art Museum of Bologna (Bologna, Italy)
MAMBOMediterranean Association for Marine Biology and Oceanology
MAMBOMulti-Service Wireless Network with Bandwidth Optimization
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On the terrace of Cafe Mambo overlooking San Antonio Bay, Alan said: "We know how lucky we are but we'd never take any of this for granted.
To gain competitive advantage and bypass unnecessary blunder, Mambo Pizza has consulted with Francorp Middle East, the leading franchise consultancy in the region to develop a solid franchise system in the highest international standard and practice.
Today Mambo pizza has a total of 3 units throughout Nice, located in prime locations and also has a franchised unit headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Now they own a string of bars and restaurants – but it's Cafe Mambo that has been a truly iconic spot for 20 years now, and the one that made their name.
Mambo is one of the latest Welsh businesses to benefit from the Welsh Government Graduate Support Scheme (GSS).
Danny O has been resident at Ibiza's legendary Bora Bora since summer 2012 and a regular at Cafe Mambo since 2010.
Watch the video of that race, and you will see Mambo Spirit was comfortably in front half a dozen strides after the line.
Danzon, an important style predating both chachacha and mambo, is not forgotten either: listn to Orquesta La Modern Tradicion.
A HALESOWEN fashion firm is collaborating with the legendary Cafe Mambo, in Ibiza, which means its T-shirts could be seen on top acts like Fatboy Slim and Groove Armada this summer.
The dark king of Dominican mambo likes sleeveless shirts, necklaces as thick as high-voltage power cables and fitted jeans tucked into his cowboy boots.
Did you mambo away the 1950s like so many people who were swept up in the great Latin dance wave of that kinder, gentler and some would say more fun era?