MAMDMinistry of Administration and Manpower Development (Seychelles)
MAMDMulti-Agent Multi-Domain (computer environment)
MAMDManeuver Air and Missile Defense
MAMDMorrocan American Medical Doctors
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The samples were screened for the presence of flavivirus nucleic acid by reverse transcription PCR, using universal flavivirus primers MAMD (6) and CFD2 (6,7) for amplification of a partial nonstructural protein (NS) 5 sequence.
This project, aimed at complex development of the selected rural community, for implementation of which this year Orange Foundation has invested 52 MAMD, is already the second suchlike: the first One village project was implemented in Hartavan village of Aragatsotn region in 2014.
Let s keep children home is one of the most important projects of Orange Foundation, implemented together with World Vision organization, and these 32 MAMD will enable around 30 children to return home.