MAMLMicrosoft Assistance Markup Language (programming language)
MAMLMulti-Agent Modeling Language
MAMLMaster of Arts in Ministry Leadership (various universities)
MAMLMobile Application Markup Language
mAMLMurine Acute Myeloid Leukemia
MAMLMicroarray Markup Language
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The goal of MAML is to enable the establishment of gene data repositories, so that data from different sources can be compared and analyzed, and so that the different software and database platforms can be made to be interoperable," says Technical Insights Research Analyst Katherine Austin.
Keywords in this release: lab-on-a-chip, LOC, microarray, biochip, gene expression mark-up language, GEML, microarray markup language, MAML, microarray gene expression database, MGED, genomics, proteomics, glycomics, metabolomics, metabonomics, systems biology, genotyping, mutation screening, gene expression, single nucleotide polymorphism, SNP, personalized medicine, diagnostics, point-of-care, biomarkers, high-throughput screening, HTS.
In operation since 2000, MAML Divers Palau offers two packages for scuba divers: