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MAMPMacintosh, Apache, Mysql and PHP
MAMPMissouri Association of Meat Processors
MAMPMerrifield, Alpha-Methoxyphenyl
MAMPModified Assigned Material Parameter
MAMPMaterial Acquisition Management Plan
MAMPMission Area Materiel Plan
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The remaining 60 samples were analyzed with an LCMS/MS procedure with lower LOQs for MAMP (2.
6%) contained one or more MAMP biomarkers by LC-MS/MS analysis.
We compared pOHMAMP presence and its concentrations in meconium samples with maternal patterns of MAMP use and estimated gestational age to investigate factors possibly influencing pOHMAMP disposition.
Monitoring pOHAMP and NOREPH did not increase the identification of affected infants; these analytes were found only in conjunction with MAMP and AMP.
We analyzed sweat patches for MAMP and AMP by modification of a published SPE GC/MS procedure (14, 24).
5-50 ng/patch) and high (50-500 ng/patch) calibration curves (n = 10) were constructed for MAMP and AMP, with coefficients of determination ([R.
No weekly patch (n = 38) collected during the washout period had detectable MAMP or AMP.
MAMP was the only analyte detected in any short-term patch (n=32) worn at intervals (0-2, 2-4, 4-8, 8-23 h) after the first low-dose administration (Table 1).
Chemicals were obtained from the following sources: MAMP, AMP, D,L-[[sup.
This study was conducted at the Intramural Research Program, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), in Baltimore, MD as part of a broader study of the clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of MAMP after oral administration.
In week 3 (low-dose week), participants (n = 8) received four daily oral administrations of MAMP * HCl (Desoxyn[R] Gradumet[R]; 10 mg) at 1030 in the morning.
Calibrators and controls were prepared in urine that was collected from laboratory volunteers and was demonstrated to be negative for MAMP and AMP by GC-MS analysis before use in the preparation of calibrators and controls.