MAMTManitoba Association of Mathematics Teachers (Canada)
MAMTMaster of Arts in Mathematics for Teachers
MAMTManulife Asset Management Thailand Co. Ltd. (Manulife Financial Corporation)
MAMTMean Active Maintenance Time (engineering)
MAMTMissouri Association for Medical Transcription
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Table 4: Thermodynamic parameters for the adsorption of MAMT on 6061 Al alloy surface in 0.
5 M NaOH containing different concentrations of MAMT at 30[degrees]C are shown in Fig.
5 M NaOH in the absence and presence of different concentrations of MAMT are given in Table 5.
5 M sodium hydroxide solution in the presence of MAMT at different temperatures Temperature Inhibitor [R.
60), (61) In the present case of using MAMT as corrosion inhibitor for 6061 Al base alloy in 0.
5 MNaOH solution in the presence of 50 ppm MAMT at 30[degrees]C.
Potentiodynamic polarization and electrochemical impedance methods were employed to evaluate the ability of MAMT to inhibit corrosion of 6061 Al alloy in 0.
MAMT acts as a good inhibitor for the corrosion of 6061 Al alloy in 0.
MAMT behaves as mixed type inhibitor predominantly affecting the cathodic reactions.