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MAMUMe and My Uncle (song)
MAMUMobile Ambient Air Monitoring Unit
MAMUMissouri Association of Municipal Utilities
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Certain individuals known as ngangkari are attributed the knowledge and power to deal with the spirit-world, to identify the cause of an illness or misfortune, and to expel the harmful spirit and remove a mamu from inside a person (Goddard 1992:82).
AGE FORMATION Quaternary Benin Formation Tertiary Pliocene Miocene Oligocene Ogwashi Asaba Formation Eocene Ameki Formation/Nanka Sand Paleocene Imo Formation Upper Maastrichtian Nsukka Formation Cretaceous Ajali Formation Mamu Formation Enugu/Nkporo/Owelli Formation Campanian Santonian Awgu Formation Conician Middle Turonian Eze-Aku Formation Cret.
Benthic Foraminifera from the Maastrichtian lower Mamu Formation near Leru (Southern Nigeria): paleoecology and paleogeographic significance // J.
The presence of a royal palace (or palaces) and the temple of the dream god, Mamu, whose cult might have played a role in securing positive pre-campaign omens for the king and his army, further testifies to Balawat's valuable role, at least during the ninth century.
The cheapest model tested - the Mamas & Papas Mamu Mu1 stroller - was runner-up overall, with a rating of 76 per cent.
He is Mamu, an old man, an intellectual, who regrets the passing of the old dispensation.
Shown at this year's Adelaide Festival, Black Swan Theatre's The Career Highlights of the Mamu paralleled the experiences of Aboriginal survivors of the Maralinga nuclear tests with Japanese atomic bomb victims in Hiroshima.
This is the Mamu Native Music Festival's fourth year and, this time, it proudly acknowledged the support of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador.
Earlier today the Syrian forces and Hezbollah fighters took full control over the towns of Tal Mamu and Azizieh Samaan in Aleppo countryside, killing scores of Takfiri terrorists.