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A large percentage of Palestinians carrying a Lebanese-issued passport are expats in other countries, but their families live here," said Samer Manaa, director of a human rights NGO in Beirut.
MANAA have pointed out if the makers of The Martian had chosen to retain characters from the novel, it would have generated jobs for Asian actors in Hollywood.
In addition, the Houthis called for a technocrat government, while they appointed arms dealer Fares Manaa as Sa'ada's governor.
Les proprietaires de vehicules de transport en commun rural (louages), exercant sur les lignes reliant les regions d'Ouled Manaa, Zoubia et El Gannar a Jenbdouba, ont observe ce lundi 09 juin 2014 un rassemblement de protestation devant le siege de la direction regionale de l'equipement pour denoncer la lenteur des travaux d'amenagement et de bitumage de la voirie urbaine.
The group carved off Sa'ada governorate and appointed a new governor, arms dealer Fares Manaa, in March 2011.
He also proudly discusses his service on the National Boards of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and MANAA, as well as his stints as National Chair of the EEOC of SAG, a member of the President's Diversity / Affirmative Action Task Force and the Executive Director of AIM (Asians in Media).
Character actor and MANAA president Aki Aleong believes the film's favorable reception in China is due to the country's acceptance of Western ideas.
The frame used was ras tee -- manaa 'for this we would say --', with the focus word occurring in the middle position in the utterance.
The second round of the meeting of Syrian groups, and national and popular figures will be held with the participation of representatives from the Syrian government," Amir-Abdollahian said Sunday in a meeting with Hesam Manaa, the vice chairman of the National Coordination Committee opposition group.
Such a peaceful vision has been expressed by leaders of the National Coordination Committee (NCC) on the domestic scene, or from abroad, among them for example Hassan Abdel Azim, Haitham Manaa and Munther Khaddam.
Manaa was speaking to journalists inside the government complex just hours after the attack.
There was hardly any supply," said Ahmad Manaa, who runs a licensed currency exchange business in Maisloun Street in Damascus.