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MANCOManagement Company (various companies)
MANCOManagement Committee
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Logos said this acquisition enhances its position as a San Juan Basin operator, and the consolidated lease position adds inventory of extended lateral horizontal Mancos gas opportunities to complement the company's position in the Gallup oil window.
Mancos isn't standing still; there's a growing sense among the residents that visitor UX is going to be very important for the town's future prosperity.
It's easy to believe him, especially on a day when we stop to watch craftsmen at work across the street at Buck's Saddlery, then join Bartels' Mancos Valley Stage Line for a ride on a handcrafted stagecoach out into the Mancos River Valley.
Someone -- apparently Anasazi Indians who inhabited the Mancos Canyon and other parts of the southwestern United States from A.
Based on a separate transaction, Rolling Rock Resources, LLC and Rockies Standard Oil Co, LLC have acquired an additional 5,174 acres in the Mancos formation and hold a 50/50 partnership, which is part of the AMI and its original agreement.
The project consists of furnishing and installing an on-site wastewater treatment system at Mancos State Park.
The US Geological Survey (USGS) has significantly boosted its estimates for Colorado's Mancos shale, finding that it contains more than 66 Tcf (1.
The man was attacked and stabbed with a kitchen knife when he went to another Romanian manCOs house to claim the e1/4200 he was owed.
Police believes that the 37-year-old drowned because he was under the influence of alcohol because of the intense smell of alcohol from the manCOs body.