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MANCSMichigan Alliance for the National Children's Study
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A fantastic win, three points bagged The Mancs went north, their shoulders sagged.
YAH BOO: Simply Red's lead singer the carrot-topped Manc Mick Hucknall.
The Superlambanana is a Scouser it should not be allowed to do a Rooney and sell it's soul to the Mancs.
However, what does make The Gothic a striking addition to the unusual is that it is Cains' only pub outside the boundaries of its Liverpool heartland, an alehouse Elmer Gantry bringing the gospel according to this city's favourite brewery to the souls of the Heathen Manc.
Arsenal, with their main men firing, are a six-to-eight points better outfit than the Mancs over a season.
With Rooney going to the Mancs, I can really em pathise with the Bluenoses at last.
I think Mancs are miserable because they don't have a sense of humour like us Scousers.
And there's like 25,000 Mancs in that room and I'm stood next to a geezer jumping on a chair while Ricky was on the deck.
Coming from behind to win again was fine,but it wasn't the best performance and we will have to raise our game if we are to get anything off the Mancs.
The Magpies themselves are fluttering about near the top of the league, Leeds, Chelsea and the Mancs are in hot pursuit.
Bodybuilder Nathan De Asha, 25, posted comments including "hit town an get something out of it" and "the Mancs took Arndale.
Almost 400 homes in Bolton, Greater Mancs suffered the power surge.