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MANDMcCarron Assessment of Neuromuscular Development (neurology)
MANDMaine Association of Naturopathic Doctors
MANDMilitary Association for National Defense
MANDMetropolitan Area Network Development
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In this study, the phase change criterion was based on stability under baseline and DRO conditions but not under the mand training conditions, where phase changes were made while the data were still ascending.
The body was shifted to nearby hospital where the victim identified as Mohammad Naeem resident of Mand area.
However, both participants continued to mand for the reinforcers identified through our assessments (especially during sessions when compliance was low).
Charles Brook (centre) with Michelle Chatterton and Manraj Mand
But 18-year-old Mand met his match in round two being trounced 6&5 by former Essex junior champion Bobby Keeble.
FINAL TOTALS: 282 - Will Jones (Oswestry) 67-69-73-73; 287 - Nick Lofthouse (Conwy) 71-71-70-75; Otto Mand (Greenmeadow) 74-70-69-74; 290 - Richard Bentham (St Pierre) 75-67-76-72; 291 - Rhodri Fieldhouse (Wrexham) 72-72-73-74; 292 - Niall Johnston (Woburn Sands) 75-72-70-75; 294 - Alyn Torrence (Wrexham) 75-68-77-74; Craig Melding (Neath) 67-73-75-79; 295 - David Boote (Walton Heath) 73-68-76-78.
The primary goal of the study was to teach a nonverbal man who was blind and was diagnosed with autism to use sign language to mand for two highly desirable items: food and drink.
The importance of this conceptual distinction was observed in clinical applications where the data demonstrated for example, a word acquired as a tact may not occur as a mand (Hall & Sundberg, 1987; Lamarre & Holland, 1985), or as an intraverbal (Braam & Poling, 1982; Luciano, 1986).
In all cases, a mand specifies its own reinforcer; for instance, the mand, Will you please be quiet specifies what will (negatively) reinforce that mand: cessation of chatter.
After the jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict, Judge Roderick Evans sentenced Lewis to life imprisonment and ordered he serve a minimum tariff of 14 years, less the time spent in custody on re mand.
The war in Iraq has caused a mess and has given the regime the opportunity to increase the export of fundamental is mand support for terrorismin the Middle East.
I'm always willing to do my bit for Mike Mand Jeremy P.