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MANEMontgomery Area Nontraditional Equestrians (est. 1994; East Montgomery, AL)
MANEMorrow Assessment of Nausea and Emesis (chemotherapy scale)
MANEMonographs on the Ancient Near East
MANEMarshall Alumni Networking Event (University of Southern California)
MANEManistee and North Eastern Railroad
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This cheered him immensely; and when he came back to Novastoshnah that summer, Matkah, his mother, begged him to marry and settle down, for he was no longer a holluschick but a full-grown sea-catch, with a curly white mane on his shoulders, as heavy, as big, and as fierce as his father.
The beast shied, opened its wide nostrils and tossed its mane, then rearing high up in the air, its hind feet slipped and it fell with its rider down the steep mountain side.
He seemed to be a three-legged creature at first sight, but on coming nearer you would have seen that 'twas really naught but a poorly clad man, who for a freak had covered up his rags with a capul-hide, nothing more nor less than the sun-dried skin of a horse, complete with head, tail, and mane.
Philippe in defending Hippolyte had received a bayonet in his shoulder; but he clung to his horse's mane, and clasped him so tightly with his knees that the animal was held as in a vice.
Aramis, wounded as he was, seized the mane of his horse, which carried him on with the others.
Five minutes elapsed, during which Franz saw the shepherd going along a narrow path that led over the irregular and broken surface of the Campagna; and finally he disappeared in the midst of the tall red herbage, which seemed like the bristling mane of an enormous lion.
He was escaping with his prize when a young girl rushed from the house and grabbed the animal's mane.
I seem to hear the noise of a troop of horsemen," exclaimed Porthos, leaning over his horse's mane.
The light from the hearth quivered upon the flowers and foliage that were wrought into its oaken back; and the lion's head at the summit seemed almost to move its jaws and shake its mane.
He is caparisoned in the most dashing and fantastic style; the bridles and crupper are weightily embossed with beads and cockades; and head, mane, and tail, are interwoven with abundance of eagles' plumes, which flutter in the wind.
I mane to groon as loud as your cow did th' other naight, an' then the praicher 'ull think I'm i' th' raight way.
Bruno took a good handful of mane in each hand, and made believe to guide this new kind of steed.