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MANGOManagement Accounting for Non Governmental Organisations (UK)
MANGOMissouri Association of Natural Gas Operators
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Sprinkle with mango and cucumber and grate lime zest over top.
He said that nearly six to seven shipments of mangos had been stopped and lamented that the shelve life of the mangos was short than other dry articles.
Its statement further said that the shopping center Stolitsa would have a high attendance during the Mango Festival on August 11,2015.
The much awaited mango festival will offer special promotions and deals with the mango as the central ingredient.
fruits are soft and prone to damage," a mango dealer said.
Different varieties of Pakistani mangoes were displayed at the mango festival organised by Pakistan Muslim League (N) Welfare Qatar (PMLWQ), Holiday Villa Hotel in Doha recently.
The mango varieties featured in the festival include Kent, Palmer, Tommy Atkins, Manalagai, Cengkir, Harum Manis, Organic, Long Mango, Kesat, Grape Mango, Sundhari, Sindhooram, Nadan, Panchavarnam, Vazhakoombu, Neelam, Kader, Kazhaled, Chenkal Varikka, Rumali, Kilichundan, Mallika, Malgova, Kalapadi, Himapasanth, Kotturkonam, nathala, Allover, Ammini, Apple Gound, Badampuri, Black Rose, Chakkara Gound, Cheeri, Cheru Nadan, Dilpasanth, Gova Mango, Gudadat, Jailer, Ko Mango, Kudoos, Ladu, Moovandan, Nadasala, Natti Colour, Nattiya-1, Nattiya Big, Natty Gold, Ottumalgova, Palgova, Priyoor, Red Apple, Red Rose, Santhi Malgova, White Malgova, Alphonso, Badami, Totapuri, Kesar, Rajapuri, Peather, Roja, Omlet, Green Sweet Mango, Chockanan Mango, Mahachanok, etc.
We have 30 varieties of mango here, starting from Malgoa.
The best quality with lower prices is the key, and we are thinking to export it, so, the national income could be increased by mango export," he added.
Bonus: mango is one of the Environmental Working Group's "Clean 15"--the fruits and vegetables least likely to have harmful pesticide residues.
In Pakistan, Mango (Mangifera indica L) is one of the most favorite and liked fruit of the world.
People in the Nakhl wilayat mango orchards have flourished as the wilayat has been bestowed with a suitable environment for growing mangoes, and there is enough water for irrigation and shade for the trees.