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MANNAMetropolitan AIDS Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance (various locations)
MANNAMassively parallel Architecture for Numerical and Non-Numerical Applications
MANNAMinistry Assistance of the Near Northwest Alliance (Houston, TX)
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has introduced He'Brew Manna IPA, the first single IPA from He'Brew, at 6.
Yep, Manna is pretty expensive but I also thought it was pretty sensational, which means it was well worth the money.
First, God tells Moses that the people should gather only enough manna to sustain them for one day.
Manna works with clients to create successful marketing.
This Passover features a home-grown menu, not the manna that has come each day for a generation.
In The Manna-Machine and The Kaballah Unveiled (both 1978), he explored the idea that the Ancient of Days could have in some way explained the "miracle" of the manna.
Both Muslim dads confronted each other in hospital after Manna slit her wrists when Ali stopped her phoning Arash.
Manna warned that JC virus infection could be associated with neurologic findings in addition to allograft dysfunction in kidney transplant patients.
Manna in the Wilderness A Harvest of Hope by Bill Williams Morehouse 96 pages, paper, $15.
While it may not have been manna from heaven, for Windows bashers, it was clearly a welcome sight, a sure sign that Linux has hit the big time.
For years, many people and congregations have been petitioning heaven for "vocations," as if in hopes that the Lord would one day relent and let fall a multitude of young men in Roman collars, like so much manna in the desert.
thing to say to someone once in your life, so I say manna to the