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MANSMichigan Association of Non-Public Schools
MANSMulticultural Association of Nova Scotia (Canada)
MANSMaryland Association of Nursing Students
MANSMicrocosm Autonomous Navigation System
MANSMulti-Agency Narcotics Squad (est. 1989; Georgia)
MANSMetropolitan Area Narcotics Squad (Illinois)
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He and Ned had talked the matter over, and they had agreed that the presence of such a big man as Koku, in an expedition going on a more or less secret mission, would attract too much attention.
Damon know we ought to have little trouble in getting ahead of the young man.
He told Antonia that in his country only rich people had cows, but here any man could have one who would take care of her.
answered Scarron, "I continue to receive Monsieur Gilles Despreaux, who thinks ill of me, and you wish me to give up seeing the coadjutor, because he thinks ill of another man.
Now, the very morning of which we speak was that of his quarter-day payment, and Scarron, as usual, had sent his servant to get his money at the pension-office, but the man had returned and said that the government had no more money to give Monsieur Scarron.
Large buffalo-skins trimmed around the edges with red cloth cut into festoons, covered the back of the sleigh, and were spread over its bottom and drawn up around the feet of the travellers - one of whom was a man of middle age and the other a female just entering upon womanhood.
If the poor man who has but one livre in his pocket, found a livre and twelve deniers, that would be justice, that would be excellent; but never does such a godsend fall to the lot of the poor man.
The mendacious captain was perfectly well aware that an affair of honor always makes a man stand well in the eyes of a woman.
It was my great misfortune that in all these adventures I did not ship myself as a sailor; when, though I might indeed have worked a little harder than ordinary, yet at the same time I should have learnt the duty and office of a fore-mast man, and in time might have qualified myself for a mate or lieutenant, if not for a master.
I laid all this before the young clergyman, who was greatly affected with it, and said to me, "Did I not say, sir, that when this man was converted he would preach to us all?
Why quarrel with an old man concerning his thoughts?
Und dot man, who was king of beasts-tamer men, he had in der house shush such anoder as dot devil-animal in der cage-a great orang-outang dot thought he was a man.