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MANTAMonitoring and Non-Tidal Assessment (Maryland Department of Natural Resources)
MANTAMulti Axis No Tail Aircraft
MANTAMessaging Architecture for Networked and Threaded Applications (Princeton Satellite Systems)
MANTAMid-Atlantic Narcotics Training Academy (Kure Beach, NC)
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A small handheld device used to download data on the last 100 events via infrared (IrDA Interface) links from the Manta electronic seal with a single press of a button.
Integrating Key's Raptor laser technology allows Manta to inspect objects' structural properties, which maximizes the detection and removal of foreign material.
Manta is ideal for sorting all types of potato products on frozen and refrigerated processing lines including: strips, steak cuts, wedges, spirals, waffle cuts, and small whole potatoes.
That's what I'll remember most about my Manta visit, too.
About Manta: Manta is the world's largest online community for promoting and connecting small business.
We're doing that with MANTA and it promises to be a truly transformative technology for providing percutaneous access for large bore therapeutic devices.
To ease installation, Key designed Manta to be self-contained and complete.
That we have achieved such tremendous growth in today's challenging environment is a testament to the value of Manta and our commitment to deliver a superior service.
Szolosi joined Manta in 2005 and has been a key player in its overall growth and success.
Giant manta rays are found in tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate waters around the world, often along coasts and offshore islands.
According to a survey by Manta, the Web's largest free source of information on and for small businesses, 58% believe their own businesses will improve because of the election results.