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MANTISMultispectral Adaptive Networked Tactical Imaging System (US DoD; Arlington, VA)
MANTISManual, Alternative, and Natural Therapy Index System (database)
ManTISManufacturing Technology and Industrial Systems Task Force
MANTISWatkins Johnson Man Portable DF System
MANTISMechanically Automated Neuro Transmitter Interactive System (sci-fi TV show)
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Following its recent competitive procurement exercise, Mantis Collection has been selected as the preferred operator to manage the 32-room hotel to be created at 123 Main Street out of three historic buildings in St Helena's capital Jamestown.
Sub-Saharan Africa is where India and China were 20 years ago in terms of development and opportunity; the timing of this joint venture between Mantis and StayWell couldn't be better", said the Mantis chairman Adrian Gardiner.
The system seems to allow mantis shrimp to quickly identify basic colours without much brain processing.
Mantis (TJA1044T and TJA1057T) and Mantis GT (TJA1044GT and TJA1057GT) offer a feature set targeting 12 V automotive applications and deliver excellent EMC performance, with the high-end 'GT' variant guaranteeing critical parameters for CAN FD (Flexible Data rate) networks.
The major difference with Mantis lies in the user experience.
The mantis shrimp's appendages are so strong and resilient that researchers have studied them to develop body armor for humans, the (http://articles.
8226; World's Leading Luxury Boutique Hotels Collection: Mantis Collection
In true runt fashion, the Mantis MT folders are overbuilt.
MICK McCarthy says he was a Praying Mantis in trying to snare Roger Johnson hours after Blues went down.
BAE Systems said it has successfully flown Britain's largest fully autonomous unmanned aircraft Mantis, developed under a program jointly funded by UK Ministry of Defense and UK Industry.
The next generation autonomous system, Mantis, completed its maiden flight in Woomera, South Australia, said a BAE statement.