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MAOMed Andra Ord
MAOMiss America Organization
MAOMono Amine Oxidase
MAOMaximum Allowable Offer (real estate)
MAOMethyl Aluminoxane
MAOManaus, Amazonas, Brazil - Eduardo Gomes (Airport Code)
MAOMy Arrogant Opinion
MAOMaximum Allowable Outage
MAOMiddelbaar Agrarisch Onderwijs
MAOMajor Attack Option
MAOMailing Address Only
MAOModified Audit Opinion
MAOManeuver Affairs Officer
MAOMotivation Ability Opportunity (consumer behavior)
MAOMultiple Acronym Overload
MAOManagerial Accounting Office
MAOMid-Atlantic Ocean
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These people had never before talked about Mao on the record.
The Mao quote doesn't even succinctly make a good point.
Her most important contribution is her 1980 Mao Zedong's "Talks at the Yan'an Conference on Literature and Art": A Translation of the 1943 Text with Commentary.
Mao found a taste for Han's mockery of authority, soaring innuendoes, and savage humor.
This article does not aim to discover historical truths regarding the deaths of Mao Wen-long or Yuan Chonghuan, nor does it seek to pass judgment on the historical significance or personal integrity of either figure.
It is no surprise, however, that Xi's reverence of Mao as "a great proletarian revolutionary, strategist and theorist," did not go too well with western thinkers and media.
The government is not as upright as Chairman Mao, so they are afraid, they are all corrupt," he added.
Barme's essay asks, "Was Mao the last Chinese autocrat?
The MAO oxidation experiments were carried out at a final voltage of 450 V for 15 min.
But," they emphasized, "The Great Chairman Mao did not do those bad things.
Such markets promise tremendous business potential, said Mao.